Ubuntu 11.10 network devices unmanaged

One day I rebooted my laptop and found me working with a system with no network devices managed. NetworkManager icon was gone.
So no network at all!

It turned out, that the libnss3.so wasn’t available anymore.

The following commands made it back working (needed a wired network)
sudo service network-interface restart INTERFACE=eth0
sudo apt-get install –reinstall libnss3:i386 libnss3

The first command starts the wired network without network-manager. The second reinstalls the missing libnss3.so on my x64 system. On a x32 system, the libnss3:i386 can be removed but can ignored too.


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3 Responses to Ubuntu 11.10 network devices unmanaged

  1. Otto Meier says:


    a had exactly the same problem too. Thanx for your research.

    Sometimes I think computer systems have a soul.

    Regards and have a nice weekend


  2. MicroAngelo says:

    Just a heads-up to the copy-and-paste merchants (like me in this case) that the single symbol before “reinstall” on the last line (“sudo apt-get …”) is actually a double minus symbol.

  3. eXu says:

    Thanx, worked just fine.

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