Installing CentOS 5.6 as a guest in a XEN virtualizer

It took me three days to figure out how to install CentOS in Xen with a DVD ISO image of CentOS.

All time I booted from the DVD, the DVD wasn’t found when I should select from which media I want to install. So installing from DVD wasn’t successfull at all. 🙁

The trick is to use the “install from URL” in the XEN VM creation. All you need to do is, mount the DVD into a folder which can be reached via http.
So e.g. you have a linux server with apache installed, mount it to e.g. /home/user/public_html/CentOS via

mount -o loop centos.iso /home/user/public_html/CentOS

Now you can use the following url as “install from Url” in the Xen VM Creation Wizard:


You even can use VNC to install CentOS graphically !! 😀



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